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If you need to find notes for your favourite hindi song or english song just request it on our  facebook fan page!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    can you please upload "shinayaki oba" by Bandara Athauda?

  2. Nadish says:

    Hey bro i'm not going to post piano notes for sinhala songs i'm sorry!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    if its possible could u upload the notes of November rain by guns and roses! thanks

  4. Nadish says:

    I'll try to post it ASAP!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    thanks :)

  6. Anonymous says:



  7. Nadish says:

    It will take some time!!

  8. plz can u send me the chords for manamali- iraj

    it would be a great help for me my email is - plzzzzzz

  9. Anonymous says:

    I want This song Played on Psr s910:
    Kenny Rogers-You And I

  10. Nad says:

    there is a site to get chords for sinhala songs Janitha!!

  11. Nad says:

    Ok i will try!!

  12. Hi,
    I recently came to know about this blog. Very informative and useful for beginners like. Keep up the good work buddy. You Play really well.
    May I request you two Hindi songs. The details are as under:
    1. Rim Jhim gire saawan from the movie Manzil (Amitabh Bacchhan)
    2. Bahut pyaar karte hain from the movie Saajan (Madhuri Dixit)

  13. Nad says:

    Hey Anupam,
    I have posted piano notations and chords for one of your songs i'll post the other one as well ASAP!

  14. Thanks buddy..........ur amazing.....come to chandigarh (India) i shall be ur host.

  15. Nad says:

    You are welcome Anupam!! i'll post the other song soon!

  16. Hi Nad, I one request is still pending. I hope you'll take out some of your precious time to complete my request.
    Rim Jhim gire saawan from the movie Manzil (Amitabh Bacchhan)

    Please please i am waiting for your tutorials to enable me to play a little better. hope to see them soon.
    With best wishes

  17. Hi NAd, May I request for a very famous english no. Take my breath away from the movie Top Gun.

    Anupam Bansal

  18. hey Nad..... we meet again...
    can I request:
    "I Don't Want to Talk About It - Rod Steward "?
    please upload it A.F.A.P (As Fast As Possible)....
    see you later on Youtube.....

  19. Hi Nad, an you please try and upload Hotel California please.

  20. Nad says:

    Hi Hanif
    Ok sure i'll upload it soon!!

  21. Nad says:

    yeah i'll upload it anupam!!

  22. Can u upload broken angel?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Can u upload Love story (by Talor Swift) plzzzz?

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