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We are the world

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Artist : Michael Jackson
Song name : We Are The World
Style Name : EPBallad (Read more to download this style file)
Key : D

This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship or research.

Chords and Notes

D                                          G         A         D

E  F#  E  F#  E  F#  G  A  B  F#
There comes a time when we heed a certain call

                G                         A                  D
F#  E  D  B  D  E   D  E  D  F#  
When the world must come together as one

F#  A  B  F#  F#  E  F#
There are people dying

            F#m                             G
B  A  B  A  G  F#  F#  E  D  
And its time to lend a hand to life

B  G  F#  G  A  A
The greatest gift of all

D                     G                A         D

E  F#  E  F#  E  F#  G  A  B  F#
We can't go on pretending day by day

                  G                   A                          D
F#  E  D  B  D  E   D  E  D  F#  
That someone, somehow will soon make a change

             Bm                              F#m
F#  A  B  F#  F#  E  F#  B  A  B  A  G  F#
We are all a part of Gods great big family

 F#  E  D  B  G
And the truth, you know,
F#  G  A  A
Love is all we need


                   G     A                  D          D7
F#  E  D  B   F#  E  D  B  A B  A ......
We are the world,   we are the children

                   G                                      A
F#  E  D  B A  B  A B D  D# 
We are the ones who make a brighter day

D  E  B  A .....
So lets start giving

F#  A  B  F#  F#  E  F#
There's a choice we're making

 B  A  B  A  G  F#
We're saving our own lives

     G                                  A
F#  E  D  B  D  G F#  G  A  A ..
Its true we'll make a better day


Just you and me

[Repeat Verse]
Send them your heart so they'll know that someone cares

And their lives will be stronger and free

As God has shown us by turning stones to bread

So we all must lend a helping hand

[Repeat Chorus]

When you're down and out, there seems no hope at all

But if you just believe there's no way we can fall

Let us realize that a change can only come

When we stand together as one




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